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cyclist’s dilemma

© Jean-Michel BAUD image from fotopedia.com

Why do I always meet idiots when I’m out and about cycling? Its either this part of the world has too many idiot car drivers, or not enough cyclists to stage a revolution against  these jerks.

So far this is the third time someone has suddenly shouted at me in an attempt to disorient me, so that i fall off the bike 😐 . It’s not funny, its extremely dangerous and could easily cause a fatal accident. I know non-cyclists can’t completely understand this; Someone must have done it to you, on the road, with buses, trucks and cars, motorbikes and other cyclists whizzing past you in both directions, for you to grasp the full magnitude of such tomfoolery. What if I fell off and collided with a car on the road, or one coming behind the car being driven by these same idiots?

This behaviour is wrong. Its worrying (who are they, don’t they know the danger of their actions), inhumane, its sickening. Why do such a thing if it could lead to a tragic accident? Why!!!! Ok, its not as bad as my other encounter, outlined here, but its nevertheles bad 😐 .

Someone should do something about this, because I suspect its a bigger problem than first appears…
Soo frustrated, as I can’t do anything about it; everything happens so fast, I don’t even have enough time to capture the number plates of the cars.

On a different note, who designs bicycle paths in England? Certainly not a cyclist where I live, as if they were designed by a cyclist they would be “good” (not necessarily ideal) for cycling, which they currently are not. And this is a country battling obesity, and spending billions within the NHS on obesity related illnesses???



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