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5 Roommate Types

5 Roommate Types. via getsecondlunch Advertisements

What my parents, religion and schooling didn’t teach me.

1. That the world was a right mess, and that there were too many people who continued to benefit from the misery of others. 2. That the philosophy of absolute equality at all costs is redundant, as there will always be interests based opposition to good intentions. 3. That many people have lied and become … Continue reading

Vampires in Angel’s clothing

Sometimes I’m genuinely embarrassed of being a homo sapien. And its not just because of my own shortcomings; wars or murder; nuclear weapons or everything else on the endless list of unpleasantries humans encounter from time to time. Such is my abhorence of earthly conflicting existence that if there ever were a viable alternative, I … Continue reading

The Harlot

They hate and me they loathe; Underfed, Jobless, broke. It’s not just because of them; But in it, they have a part; Did them no Sin; Admire their art; While they banquet; Drinking Rum smoking cigars, eating steaks; Class. My sister serves them; Washes the dishes, puts the children to bed at seven. Mother cleans … Continue reading

Bloody Art

Fixing Britain’s Economic Woes 2

Further to my earlier posts here and here, it was a breath of fresh air to watch the BBC 2‘s TV show , The Town Taking on China,  reviewed somewhat unfairly on the telegraph here. I’m not in the least bit impressed by the efforts of this single cushion factory. Not really, and its not … Continue reading

Donkey Sanctuary

Ideally, people should use common sense to determine roughly how much load  (in terms of weight) would be harmful for their working animals. But in the real world, ignorance and misinformation tends to have the upper hand. For instance, I watched a  video the other day, of a middle eastern man praising his overworked and … Continue reading

Policy with a magic wand

People go to work for all sorts of reasons. One of the most common being to earn money. Obviously, that money, among other uses, is used to earn a living. Whoever gets things going (or think it is their mandate to get things going) where you live, has priorities including possibly, to ensure that by … Continue reading

Ideas – addictions, nursing theory and Impartiality

When i woke up this morning, I had 3 ideas I wished to explore.Unfortunately, its taken until just now to get to it. The first idea was about addiction, in particular, the  notion that some people find themselves addicted to things or practices (be they booze, drugs, sex or otherwise) as a biological and psychological … Continue reading


Found this on a facebook wall of someone i know. Lovely isn’t it?