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1. Waiting years for a European court to give the thumbs up on the extradition of a hate preacher – when it is beyond reasonable doubt that the guy is a psycho who preaches hate, vengence and the death of the innocent.

2. Keeping a Brtish national in jail for 8 years without trial, over terrorism allegations.

3. Sending  billions of pounds to dubious states – which are oppressive, ruthless and corrupt – year after year, in the name of war against extremism, and to get them to buy your goods.

4. Denying a sovereign nation, the right to an independent ‘nuclear energy’ industry, but reserving the right to own the same. Who has given anyone the right to make the rules for others?

5. Keeping  low income and ethnic minority populations in dire circumstances(by a combination of laws+tax system; property market + ever rising fuel and energy costs), yet criticising others[including the Chinese] of harrassment of their citizens, poor labour laws, etc.

6. Setting stringent mandatory policies towards  developing nations when the policies benefit your economy more than they benefit theirs(and are likely to lead to greater inequalities).

7. Denying a continent a share of the global economy, through a complex construction of a biased international legal framework, an arms trade, and agro-economic policies that unfairly favours some more than others.

8. Dictating’ the system of government that should be adopted in countries that are not your pals, but ignoring those which are your buddies, and which are clearly oppressive of their nationals.

9. Devious social and religious practices (Religion in one hand, rifle + racism in the other).

Sly bastards, you know who you are.



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