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Joustin MacBeever, his brother Justinus Von Breevier II, and their Russian sibling Joustin Breverovich the third

(c) istockphoto.com

The three brothers! The tale of the three brothers, sons of Monsieur Justinus Von Breevier, the first.

Linked by blood, separated by fate:- MacBeever emigrated to LA, and after a while concluded that to gain prominence with lesser hassle in his new home town (i.e. to fit in), required a name change. Prosperity followed soon enough and many began to copy his style.

Breverovich found himself working for a Russian aristocrat, a ship building merchant, so he decided it was fitting to be more Russian. Apparently, he’s now a regular to the Kremlin.

And the third, well, besides the obvious pride, the young Justinus Von Breevier kept his ancestral name, because, it was his name. Recently he was quoted asking what the Joustin Beaver App fuss was all about.




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