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Zombie Deep Clean – The Head Chef’s Wrath

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Matt/ Dan

78% is a very poor result for today’s kitchen health check. There are serious cleaning issues which have to be addressed. No core temperature records have been completed for Monday. If you were to have a EHO inspection, and the unit has been warned they are currently doing the rounds, you would have a major problem. The MITIE visit is out of date, contact them and arrange a visit immediately and get them to replace the broken fly killer.

There were several labels missing in the walk in, yet the due diligence is signed off to say it has been checked. There is a build-up of debris in the corner junctions of the walls, and under all fridges and the cook line. The kitchen is dirty and messy ……

The kitchen needs to be de-cluttered, this is only making cleaning more difficult, get rid of everything that doesn’t need to be there. The entire kitchen needs a thorough ‘zombie’ deep clean if it to be anywhere near the standard it needs to be. This has been discussed with the sous chef and has to happen on Thursday night, make sure it does. I will be back on Friday to carry out an emergency health check, at a cost to the unit. Ensure I am not wasting my time.

This is not the level which we operate our kitchens, engage in this matter and get it under control. Please call me if anyone needs this point explaining in any more detail.

******** Comment from GNSTR **************

Sorry bruv – your food is awesome, some of the best in this part of the city – after reading through this, I will still dine at your restaurant in the future (at least there are no mice or cockroaches 🙂 ), and would happily recommend it today. Being a big foodie myself, I totally understand your wrath. But someone threw this on the pavement yesterday – and i was merely trying to get it into a bin,then i read it, and i’m sure you will understand I couldn’t miss the chance when i read its contents…. I even got your number from it, but trust me its not personal. Not at all. And please, don’t fire anyone – we all make mistakes, and its a tough job market out there…




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