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Joustin MacBeever, his brother Justinus Von Breevier II, and their Russian sibling Joustin Breverovich the third

The three brothers! The tale of the three brothers, sons of Monsieur Justinus Von Breevier, the first. Linked by blood, separated by fate:- MacBeever emigrated to LA, and after a while concluded that to gain prominence with lesser hassle in his new home town (i.e. to fit in), required a name change. Prosperity followed soon enough … Continue reading

Zombie Deep Clean – The Head Chef’s Wrath

Matt/ Dan 78% is a very poor result for today’s kitchen health check. There are serious cleaning issues which have to be addressed. No core temperature records have been completed for Monday. If you were to have a EHO inspection, and the unit has been warned they are currently doing the rounds, you would have … Continue reading

Best Poem

Was asked again today about which poem among all the poems I had read, I considered to be the best. Well, its a tough one that and for the simple reason that I don’t remember all of them. Yep, have read that many. Having said that, over the years, I’ve read some very funny and touching … Continue reading

Mansion Tax, Child Benefit

I don’t have a million pounds. And frankly most people don’t really need a million pounds.  Not …. really. It is partly the fear of the unknown that makes us obsessively seek after riches. Which is fine. We’re human. Having said that, I do aspire to do better in life, and I do aspire to … Continue reading