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Simplicity is genius

I’m not too sure how many of you out there want one for themselves because usually when one is going about camping or travelling, they will probably think about their tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags, insect repellent, food and the like, but not usually this thing. I couldn’t call it quirky, and its probably not clever enough for me to call it smart. Also, its somewhat unfortunate that I ate too many of the fruits these objects are meant to protect while growing up (was probably the cheapest healthy alternative available, in that part of the world), so I’d never go bananas for them.

Its probably something you would buy for your 4 year old son, for him to wow their friends at the nursery :-).

Come to think of it, the owners (Aberrant Designs), could get Disney or suchlike involved, and brand their products in Disney Characters … Disney gets the advertising/ a cut, and Aberrant gets increased sales and advertising revenue.

But even an invention such as unique as a banana guard can have a reasonably good market, if these online shops are anything to go buy:

Found one in Debenhams the other day while out shopping in Kent, so maybe we can give them credit in that if they haven’t yet sold tens of thousands, at least they’ve managed to get them into a reputable retail chain.



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