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Pulling a fast one.

Its not even funny how many unimaginative folk there appears to be out there.

Walking droids with a head, a heart and feet, who are so devoid of inspiration, even the least aura of inventiveness.

When it comes to advertising, its worse, filthy. It would make you puke.

To the point the best they could  do  in labelling their goods  is to glean the handicraft of others, and misrepresent it in a very sloppy manner.

And its not just what has been “gleaned” or how much of it has been gleaned. Its the application or purpose of what has been gleaned that is troubling. Now I’ve heard of  the fan / patronage restaurants, shops , etc named in honor of famous types, celebs, and its all very well. As I always say, whatever works for you.

But, for a moment, please try and  imagine in as best as your imagination can let you, the  very concept of Lady Gaga condoms? Or Kim Kardashian Newsagent? Or Dr Who Tattooist?

I have to admit, while the first two are tolerable, I just can’t get to think of the last one. My mind intensely refuses to belittle human nature to create such a perverted scope of imagination, to allow me to even consider the very concept 😐 of Dr Who Tattoist. Had it been a clever mix of words such as Holier than Thou, I’m sure my small head would  ‘ave ‘ad very little trouble imagining it.

If it could talk, what my brain would say is that “on any scale, using famous titles, names/ characters that so obviously have goodwill in them, be they socialites, or a disproportionately big headed pop star, to “attract” business is nothing short of dull, distasteful, cheesy and cathartic. And if any plonker would buy from such a trader[or even think about buying from them],  then the human race is gone.  Finished, anybody normal and with a brain must  leave this planet, to preserve the authenticity of the race.

Anyway,  if you are an IP enthusiast …oh remembered another thing. Only today I saw another droid butcher the spelling of “enthusiast” to “Enthousiast” GGRHHH!!!%$$”£$^&*(). !!!!!&&&&&&&&&&????????????????????//////////////For a brief second, I wished I had combusted when i saw this, eerie sloppiness.  Seriously, I wanted to swallow myself, especially because this guy is a grown up man; For that matter, an English speaking UK educated German lawyer.  Its  e-n-t-h-u-s-i-a-s-t you fool!.

Right, so if you are an IP enthusiast…if such a thing exists,  or just fancy a play at ” Spot the Infringer” , maybe you can read through this, that and the other to determine whether our kebab friend above is in fact somewhat breaking the law.



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