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Green Fuel

I’m a proponent of  free market and regard most(not all) of those  who call for justice and fairness suspiciously because frankly, besides implementing a form of neo-socialism, flaws in humanity itself  means that it is generally not possible to have fairness, in certain circumstances,  without “disadvantaging” one group or another.

The concept of “Fairness” and Capitalism as we know it, are sometimes mutually exclusive. Two sides of the same coin, and my view it requires rare wisdom to be able to spot this, and eerr … evade any particularly uncomfortable questions pertaining to it (while hopefully taking turns to upset one group while pleasing another).

So on the subject of green fuels, I wonder why more resources haven’t been invested to reduce our petroleum consumption, and end our slavery to oil rich countries. Surely while the initial investment in renewable energy is going to be painful, prohibitively expensive and will make us some enemies, the significance of the overall long -term benefit couldn’t be emphasized more.

A good place to start is encouraging a transition from diesel to BIO-Diesel, and if you look around, there’s plenty of land to bring that to fruition…



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