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Pulling a fast one.

Its not even funny how many unimaginative folk there appears to be out there. Walking droids with a head, a heart and feet, who are so devoid of inspiration, even the least aura of inventiveness. When it comes to advertising, its worse, filthy. It would make you puke. To the point the best they could  … Continue reading

Re-invent the wheel or Learning from Past successes.

Steve Jobs didn’t invent Mp3 players. He wasn’t the first to make them, nor were they his seminal idea. In fact it is probably fair to say that we will never know the credible inventors of MP3 players, besides what links such as these tell us. Yet upon the man’s death in October 2011, his … Continue reading

Natural Science vs Social Sciences

It strikes me as insultingly ironic that I ended up as a mathematician. Not in an entirely bad way, but think about it, for someone who spent over 8 years studying History, and 20th Century scientific development(in one form or another), I should have insisted to my University tutor that irrespective of what I was … Continue reading

Swiss Accounts – the international scam by the ruling classes

The master is one angry man. Today, he went on one of his rants, after the other two somehow managed to corner him over his often polarizing views. It began with the issue of Palestine, but somehow drifted into something completely different. Syme too was around for this one, playing the newly released Assassins creed: … Continue reading

Green Fuel

I’m a proponent of  free market and regard most(not all) of those  who call for justice and fairness suspiciously because frankly, besides implementing a form of neo-socialism, flaws in humanity itself  means that it is generally not possible to have fairness, in certain circumstances,  without “disadvantaging” one group or another. The concept of “Fairness” and … Continue reading