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Fixing Britain’s economic woes – no 1

It seems nobody really knows precisely how to fix Britain’s problems. Its as if everyone is more inclined to talk about FIFA’s scandals than how to restore Britain’s long forgotten work ethic. Yet, it only takes one brief glance at the Eurozone crisis and how it affects Britain to appreciate that there surely is much reason to be concerned.

For a start nobody appears to have any money on them, well, maybe not like before. Further in a space of just over a week, two European governments have seen major reshuffles, including repalcement of prime ministers. Now attention has shifted to Spain (from Italy, and before that Greece) where the Eurozone debt crisis has dominated elections.

In Britain, even Sir James Dyson, the billionaire inventor who many rightly consider to be the face of modern British Innovation and Engineering, has few ears that heed his advice.

What about Richard Branson I hear you say? Well, his performance on BBC breakfast a few days ago, where he appeared to evade direct questions about the green credentials of Virgin Galactic leaves something to be desired, for a man who has built iconic companies (and has had many successes including numerous world record breaking feats).
It is then not surprising when you hear some people say that one painful day, Britain will “awake from slumber” and finally “remember” that innovation by its very nature is collaborative (and incremental), and not an issue to be trusted into the hands of a handful of Politicians, Business Tzars, Innovation gurus or companies.

So, how then will the mother of manufacturing and the headwaters of the industrial revolution (which went on to power modern capitalist society) overcome its woes?

I think if positive transformations of countries such as Germany, Brazil and Vietnam are anything to go by, its not entirely gloom and doom, and there is a clear and unmistakable way 🙂




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