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Spoils, Vanity & Economic Slavery: The Rise of Chinese Imperialism

Lets all buy Range Rovers. Forget global warming and all that tosh about “making the world a better place”, hands up all who need want an SUV?

Yes! ladies and gentlemen I can confidently inform you that it is just about time to go forth and indulge in whatsoever thy heart desireth!

Ahah! that  officially, the age of avarice is safe and secure (thanks to certain monies from some very rich countries), and the funds will be flowing pretty much anytime now.

So, whether its a heated pool, the Range Rover Sport we briefly touched on above, a new house/ flat in the posh part of town or a Carribean holiday, the choice is now all yours.

All we have to do is speak to our accountants (for now, ignore anything Monsieur Sakorzy has been spewing lately), ’cause if the Greeks (and previously the Irish) can get away with it, I assure you – (hand on credit card/expenses account/audited financial accounts – pick one)-, so can we.

And here’s the icing. It seems the Empire of the Blue Ants (I bet in a panicky move fearing what a bankrupt Europe would mean to the eventual stability of the Communist Party more than anything else), has offered to assist der Deutschland and Sakorzy in footing the Eurozone bill.

出色的!  Get to the front of the queue chaps, its now our turn.



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