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Mercenaries, Crooks & Thieves – why Africa is unlikely to achieve economic independence

Toss a coin, cast lots, throw a dice. No, don’t throw it, spin it will you! For goodness sake get out,shout, play the lottery ’cause there is madness in the land, and  your guess is as good as anybody’s as to  where the economy  heads. And if the news a couple of days ago, that inflation in the UK was up to 5.2%  won’t really ‘affect’  you, then you are very lucky.

To the rest of  us ordinary folk, who have neither a fat affluent uncle, nor a tasty inheritance beckoning at us from somewhere in the future, especially those of us who don’t understand the flowery and shy language that bankers and economists use (whatever “2011 is the year of reluctant recovery” means )  I’m reliably informed that the rise in inflation generally means that our money is less powerful than what it was before, by some amount, which sort of means that it will buy less goods today, than it did in the past. Also, for those of you have have credit cards or a mortgage, which is almost everybody, suddenly you/we have to pay more for our mortgages, loans etc. And,  you can’t really abstain or excuse yourself from its effects.

But, its not entirely surprising is it? With all the cuts, and austerity measures, and money spent on unnecessary wars, it was sort of expected, wasn’t it?

Also, do you remember what your politicians have been up to? Besides making dubious comments such as this. The guy has been dead barely a day, and the vultures are already circling around the country’s wealth. No wonder, others have questioned the legality of this war.

I stick to my initial observation; Britain, France, Germany and the US  all have done despicable acts of butchery to their citizens/ and foreigners in the past (and if you believe some, they are still committing atrocious acts. This is merely one modest example).

I never liked Gadaffi, but killing him could never be the answer. And for many reasons which I will not repeat here and which any reasonable / smart person can tell you.

Libya‘s civilization is nowhere near as aged/ advanced as any of the western civilizations and does not benefit from the lessons that were learned by the west in the dark ages, during the US civil war,etc. Yet western politicians were so enthusiastic and found justification to rouse uprising in Libya, to remove Gaddafi– (even when their own history is marred by murders, wars, massacres, etc and generally no better) just so the West could make money out of reconstruction.

I wonder how much money Europe and America will make from Africa following the Arab spring? If Obama or any western politician was worth their salt, surely the first thing to do would be encourage the Libyans to priortize African based companies for reconstruction projects. At least that would in a sense show an act of “coming clean” and  prove to the world that this was not just another scam.  The benefit would be that such would be a step forward in rebuilding Africa. In addition,  couldn’t they agree that the prices of oil will not be less than that which they were during Gaddafi’s time?  Surely, while you can’t extract light out of darkness, such actions would go some way to demonstrate some morality in all this and would ensure that money remains on the continent, (which i have credible reasons to believe Gaddafi was in favour of). More importantly, what is being done to ensure that at least the Libyan on the street benefits from the whole mess in some quantifiable manner? I think if  the quantifiable net benefit to Libya was in favour of Libya instead of just  foreign oil companies (and international banks), something positive would have been achieved.

It would probably be better news than announcing to the whole world that your fuel crisis would probably come to an end now that your enemy (a father who leaves behind children and relatives) who refused to sell you fuel at knocked down prices was dead.

There have got to be cleaner ways of making money that Europe and America can think.

I fear for what lies ahead. Already, trouble brews in Egypt. Who knows how the rest of the anti-west ranks will respond? It strikes me as ironic because how do we even expect the world to be a peaceful place with such blatant and shameless hypocrisy?  Do you think people are that stupid they won’t see through such hypocritical actions? Do you even remember that the man leaves behind 4 adult sons who will not forget this barbaric act on their father? In any case, how can you justify the barbarism which was flaunted on the TV screens, as if it was some historic act, when Libyan’s enjoy many benefits which countries in Europe cannot even afford? What are the political ranks going to do next, kill his sons too? What about his relatives, his brothers, their kids? Wives, etc. What are you going to all who disagree with what has just been committed? Silence them? How? Will you use the International criminal court as a means to achieve your financial ends, locking people who saw things otherwise, just because you don’t agree with them -> just to achieve some lame economic ends? Its shameful. Extremely sad, if you are not mainstream. Disgusting if you ask me.

There’s nothing heroic about Gadaffi’s death. He should have been captured by his own people (without foreign help – I mean NATO is not going to invade Saudi Arabia anytime soon-or chastise them for locking up political prisoners?), and kept in prison.  With the benefit of hindsight,  I don’t necessarily disagree with what my often disagreeable  friend thinks

that there are powerful people behind the scenes, pulling strings. Not the politicians.  If you are worth your salt, you know exactly who I mean, those that call the shots on everything from cinema to banking. And this war (and many other wars and conflicts, even this recession) was engineered, and its just phony scapegoats (Tony Blair , George Bush, Saddam, Gaddafi, etc) who get the blame, for one thing or another. Until people come clean, there will never be world peace, because the world will always have people in it who clearly see through this global scheming, and who decide they cannot live with it.”

And you thought African politicians were crooked? I’m going to go live in Venezuela or Russia. At least they don’t give pretense for their hypocrisy…




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