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I’m only 29, but I’ve seen a few strange things me, I have.
For example, I’ve seen a mother refuse to pay school fees for her only daughter, just to pick a fight with her husband, even though at the time, I’m reliably informed that her bank balance run to at least £1million.
I’ve seen a physical solid item disappear right in front of my eyes, and it wasn’t even a magic trick. Up until this day I have no scientific explanation for it.
As a young boy, I’ve been chased before by a black mamba, which found me and my mates, while we were setting bird traps in a forest.
I have been told by a police man to effectively ignore boisterous and disruptive yobs who were causing trouble (including urinating in a corridor of a hotel I once worked in) – just because they “lived in the area, and it was in my best interest not to do them over too much, unless I was planning on quitting my job that same day, and would never return to the area”.
I have seen many unlikely persons become leaders, even when all odds were against them.
I’ve seen a woman riding a bicycle which appeared to have a coal oven assembly permanently welded to the carrier of the bicycle.
Have been pulled off a bus by policeman, after being wrongly reported (by some t**t) as having been involved in a street fight (which i merely witnessed, and in which one person was stabbed but managed to flee).

Have pretended to be a musician who was late for his concert in China, just to get to the front of a 1000 strong taxi que, in order to catch the concert. It worked beautifully.
But one thing which I’ve never seen, until this very day, is a seemingly normal adult lady putting her make-up box into the refrigerator, “because it was too hot outside and when i put the make-up on me, its too hot, so i want the make-up to cool so that when i put the make-up on me, its not hot” ????????????????

Oh. Didn’t somebody say women were a bit weird.



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