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Spoils, Vanity & Economic Slavery: The Rise of Chinese Imperialism

Lets all buy Range Rovers. Forget global warming and all that tosh about “making the world a better place”, hands up all who need want an SUV? Yes! ladies and gentlemen I can confidently inform you that it is just about time to go forth and indulge in whatsoever thy heart desireth! Ahah! that  officially, … Continue reading

Mercenaries, Crooks & Thieves – why Africa is unlikely to achieve economic independence

Toss a coin, cast lots, throw a dice. No, don’t throw it, spin it will you! For goodness sake get out,shout, play the lottery ’cause there is madness in the land, and  your guess is as good as anybody’s as to  where the economy  heads. And if the news a couple of days ago, that … Continue reading

Free Parking anytime , anywhere.

When I saw the above sign, neatly displayed inside a 4 by 4’s windscreen  using blue tac, I was thinking, damn, poor chap, nice car the b*****d broke down on him. I wonder what he did when the bugger  shut off? What if he were late for a meeting when the car broke down? What … Continue reading


They say if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Oh, well, all relative innit? So, here’s the story. I’ve never run my own business but have closely observed other fools run theirs. CLOSELY. And I have experience, can do a thing or two. I have a business management degree, nothing fancy, worked for General … Continue reading


I’m only 29, but I’ve seen a few strange things me, I have. For example, I’ve seen a mother refuse to pay school fees for her only daughter, just to pick a fight with her husband, even though at the time, I’m reliably informed that her bank balance run to at least £1million. I’ve seen … Continue reading