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hacko wiki / hacko wacko ?

“You know all these hacking vandals? Yes, I’m sick and tired of reading hacking stories. All those rogue leeching Journalists out there who are so enthusiastic  in exposing other peoples dirt?? It was Frau Schroeder, sounding particularly energetic for someone who had been out jogging in the heat for close to 2 hours.

“Yeah” responded  Bern, “what about them?” As usual, he was standing in the doorway. Don’t ask, I gave up trying to understand it long ago, why Lellouche liked loitering about doorways, doing nothing except looking short, plumpy and useless.

“It just hit me while I was jogging ”  the missus continued ” Whether it would be an entirely bad idea to hack their phones, emails, voice mails and intercept their letters, and publish the findings in a  name and shame tabloid?

Why don’t we find out if they smoked cannabis in University, whether they were drunks, and if they’ve ever done coke. Lets list the names of all partners in innuendo or sexual trysts, love triangles, even the slightest evidence of lechery; if they have ever paid for Adult entertainment, or subscribe to Playboy, William Hill, etc.  I think its in the Public’s interest to know if the Journalists have ever lied in court, been into prison(even if it meant just overnight after a drunken night out gone wrong). Were they ever  accused of public indecency, be it 5 years ago or 15 years ago?  Lets dig deep and find out whether they were ever implicated (even wrongly) in a murder or abduction case, if they have ever paid a bribe, or have ever been at the wrong end of a tax evasion suit? Have they ever fought with their partners, been violent (even verbally) towards their children / or neighbors or slagged their best friends? Yes! lets get it all out! lets do a mini wiki leaks on all of them!” she yelled with  a sigh of relief

Wow! well rehearsed missus. Sounds like a plan to me… maybe then, the f*****s will stop screwing up the world for the rest of humanity. Although I’d be more in favor of a prison intelligence division of MI5 where all the computer whizzes and smart assed plonkers who find themselves behind bars can be drafted to combat Al Qaeda, Iran or the Chinese using internet warfare.



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