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Possibly originating in India during the Mauryan periodcheques are a type of  bill exchange system that have been widely used in almost all modern economies. Apparently, a form of cheques known as praescriptiones were used by ancient Romans.

Yet, a couple of months ago it was ordinary news that cheques were to be abolished in the UK.

So, as would normally be expected, there were discussions on what it would mean, including some who thought it couldn’t possibly be a good idea.

The arguments eventually reached parliament, like all such hot topics will often do. After much debate whereby common sense was knocked about,  the same  crowd which came up with the idea of abolition, somehow changed their minds…? 🙂

What I find most interesting is that while some were perverse enough to desire an end to a somewhat functional system of payments [You’ve got to admit it, they are not only convenient, but their whole -ism is somewhat perfect, isn’t it? I mean, show me a normal breathing adult who’s never used (or at least owned) a cheque or cheque book, and I’ll show you a droid who shouldn’t be on this planet], there were others who were inventing smarter and much more efficient ways of banking cheques.



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