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hacko wiki / hacko wacko ?

“You know all these hacking vandals? Yes, I’m sick and tired of reading hacking stories. All those rogue leeching Journalists out there who are so enthusiastic  in exposing other peoples dirt?? It was Frau Schroeder, sounding particularly energetic for someone who had been out jogging in the heat for close to 2 hours. “Yeah” responded  … Continue reading

Wrongest endest of the stickest 2- Ed Milliband

According to Ed Milliband ( here ), train companies are “overcharging” people and energy companies are “ripping them off”. Thats hardly news is it, when the duo have been doing pretty much that for close to 20 years now. And what’s more troubling is the solution Ed proposes:- “We are going to take on interests, … Continue reading

Top Dog

Next time you are browsing through the TV channels and find yourself on one showing something to do with Sheep Dogs; and are tempted to simply flick past to the next channel, presumably in search of anything more exciting, hold fire. Trust me, even if you were in too much of a hurry  to be … Continue reading

Wrongest endest of the stickest

Some people are just wrong. Whichever way you try and analyse their actions, their deeds, their mental dynamics and lines of thought, it all simply just doesn’t add up. Let me give you a simple example. What could possibly have motivated this lot to stick a child to a wall/ board using nothing but duct-tape? … Continue reading

We remember you

Sept 11, 2001, ten years on, to all those who died as a result of the tragic events of that day, May your souls rest in peace. … … … … …            


Possibly originating in India during the Mauryan period,  cheques are a type of  bill exchange system that have been widely used in almost all modern economies. Apparently, a form of cheques known as praescriptiones were used by ancient Romans. Yet, a couple of months ago it was ordinary news that cheques were to be abolished … Continue reading