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The misunderstood wizard of footwear fashion

Christian Louboutin

Don’t you just hate it when people collude or collaborate to bring down (or embarrass) a successful institution? As an example try searching in your web browser the following terms and you will see what I mean:

” I hate Manchester United

” I hate Coke

Simon cowell is a cock”

” I hate men”    …

You get the idea. For each of the above, there are millions of hits!  with I hate men clocking an incredible 130,000,000!

It simply begs the question, what sort of people  do we all live next to?

Also, remember hackgate? Can you remember if any, how many people publicly admitted what a brilliant businessman Murdoch was? Close to none.

Anyways,  Louboutin began his shoe design outfits 20 years or so ago, popularized the red sole stiletto to iconic status, in the process applying for  several Trade marks internationally. Over the years his brand has grown and become financially successful ( revenues in the US  are usually in the region $135 million annually). Such success has brought along with it many lame copycats, which has necessitated legal action. Much recently some judge  essentially opined that Louboutin shouldn’t be allowed to own the rights in red for soles of stilettos; that effectively, his institution should be destroyed.

Really? I think not, I totally disagree with the judges findings, and for all possible reasons.

“Poor” chap, if only they could leave him alone. Its funny because if he were a poor inventor trying to enforce his patent, the chances are popular sentiment would have sided with him. But since he is some French multimillionaire making noises with his trade mark, only Trade mark/ Fashion Lawyers and a handful of  fashionistas seem stirred.

Yet if in other industries colors can become  signs of origin and indications of quality, and allowed to stand as part of a registered trade mark, why shouldn’t his cute and pricey brands be deemed valid and infringed.

Anyways, if you are that intrigued, check out Vogue which has a timeline on the  saga.

On a different note, is Steve jobs really indispensable? Having resigned (albeit on poor health grounds even if Apples Inc won’t admit it), I wonder what this means for Apple? But has he really resigned?




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