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The persecuter and the persecutee

the persecutor and the persecutee

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve encountered some very interesting views, and I must say collectively how thoroughly entertaining its all been. Absolute comedy. Priceless.

While our prayers and thoughts must be with those who have lost loved ones, nothing could have sparked such a huge multiplicity of opinion.

Firstly, it was hugely relieving to learn that there are a convincing number of admirably good humored British youths who don’t revel in the futile glory of the ASBO. That quite an encouraging number are, for lack of a most encompassing term, not as “daft” as are often portrayed.#YOUNGVOTERSQUESTIONTIME

Secondly, isn’t it fascinating the diverse range of opinion in light of the riots.  If you were imaginative enough, you can almost tabulate it mathematically on a sort of spectrum using stats from a survey.  Among the views that have been bouncing around are:-

– that the police are crap;

-that the police did a good job;

-that the police are crap, but did a good job;

-that the police did a good job, but are altogether crap at the hands of teenage hooligans(especially since in the past they have been accused of being heavy handed).

– that Bankers were not fined or jailed for causing the credit crunch. Neither was the US president of the day ( or his predecessor), why should those who have committed relatively petty crimes be imprisoned;

-that nobody knows where to draw the line between petty and non-petty crimes;

-that most MP’s were not jailed for the expenses, but simply returned the money, why should the poor kids be punished.

-that judges have been disproportionate, the justice system is broken;

-that its impossible to be proportionate until we can define precisely what disproportionate is;

-that we can’t say judges have been disproportionate, until we define what proportionate precisely  is;

-that the crimes above were not petty, and those convicted of theft or rioting should be shot by firing squad;

-that if those convicted were not deserving to be shot, and required a bit more humiliation, hanging (or beheading) would not be an entirely unreasonable option.

-Its complex, we have to dismantle and recreate our society.

-Eff all immigrants, they are the cause of this. Deport them all.

-Its because of blacks, gang culture, Islam and fundamentalism.

– Its because of incompetent parenting;

-Its because of the parents;

-Blame loss of family values and increasingly circular society;

-its because we lost God;

-Its because the bible says perilous times shall come in the end times.

– How sad, our once great nation that many fought hard for.

-Blame the gays.

– Because of Poverty and an unequal society

and on and on.

Over the coming few weeks I’ll attempt a brief analysis of each of these issues one (or more) at a time.




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