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Unequally “equal” Societies

Image from Young Professionals in Human Rights http://www.yphr.org.uk/

Don’t get me wrong, but why did the Prime Minister take a holiday in Tuscany? Also, where did Boris Johnson take his holiday?

Think about it, there are widespread cuts in many areas of public spending that will affect the lowest earners in society and will make life extremely difficult for low income families, meaning the less well-off will have much less disposable income.  There is a crisis in the Euro-zone and the US credit rating has just been downgraded. Yet Cam, found it convenient, usual, normal … It beggars belief and I really don’t know what the best word would be here … to jet off, in non-carbon friendly manner to a £9,700-a-week villa in Tuscany, the third or fourth holiday in 5 months! In addition to a short break in southern Spain in April and another in Ibiza last May, the trip means that the Camerons have had a good number of holidays in just five months???

Is it any surprise then that the country is caught in a terrifying societal dilemma – which is being taken advantage of by ruthless criminal opportunists leading to the most recent riots –  if the man who is the biggest proponent of the spending cuts and spearheading it at the helm of government seems to be having, non austere a time, in preference to a thoroughly heavenly existence the rest of us can only dream of?, i.e. Not practicing what he’s preaching.

There is absolutely no justification for criminal damage, and as I said here, I hate the guts of those who have been involved in these riots [Bern thinks they should all be eliminated by firing squad, and I don’t necessarily disagree with his anger because at least 5 people have been killed following these riots], but maybe the rest of us should stop for a moment to seriously consider where they are coming from, their challenges, and what can be done?

As an example, I know a girl who studied an undergrad in Politics and Philosophy, got a 2:1, but couldn’t get a job, so is temping as a cleaner, and looking after her grandmother while waiting to begin a masters this September. I also know another who did Criminology, and wanted to get into probation, but couldn’t get a place so will be doing a masters in something else this September, not because she wants to, or had it planned that way, no but primarily because there is nothing else to do. Now both of them have not been on holiday this year, and both of them were not involved in riots – I should know, I saw them both yesterday, and one of them lives next door- but how can you justify the government spending cuts that have reduced opportunities for young people like my two friends if you are taking lavish holidays abroad, and don’t seem to have been affected the least bit by the same cuts you are implementing?

Just curious, how much was spent in total on all the holidays taken by government ministers[and their officials/assistants] since the beginning of the coalition ?

Isn’t it the case that all of them are paid from public funds, and if they had no jobs (i.e government run by unpaid volunteers- big society style) it is highly likely that they would be more conscientious in that they would probably think twice about taking lavish holidays, and maybe then we would have a genuinely equal society?

I would really like to know how much money these guys spent between 2010 to 2011 on their holiday as its most probably in the public interest? We should also be told how much was spent by government ministers during the 2008 – 2009 recession, as sometimes I can’t help but think some of us are probably  paying our taxes to benefit a select few, while we struggle just to get by, which would make the UK not too different to Putin’s Russia?

And don’t get my word for it, do your own research. There are some terrible inequalities in our society today and maybe this should be a wake up call.



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