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London Riots

Its sad how a misunderstanding can be quickly picked up and contorted to achieve criminal purposes.

The writer of this blog categorically condemns the thuggery, twisted criminal opportunism and terrorism taking place in the Towns of London.

Yes, there have been cuts to public services, there are fewer jobs about (and its summer holidays, students expect to get paid part-time jobs, yet theres very little on offer, and trust me, even I  have been ‘bitten’ by the effect of the government cuts) – but very little can justify theft and blatant crime such as is being seen in the streets of London at the moment (and we are told is spreading to Birmingham).

Which Country are we living in? This is not unruly Somalia or Syria!! And who was that lady (she appeared Afro-Caribbean) on BBC News  in the morning who went on a patronising rant (it was at least 7 minutes) that the underlying issue was depravity of Afro-Caribbean- half of these thugs are not even black?

Granted, maybe its time the authorities seriously start thinking of effective ways of job creation for the poorest, but please don’t use this sad situation to promote that agenda. Please, as that’s just plain wrong.

While articles such as this will do little to help, I think journalists should be careful how they report these matters. The Guardian seems to be treading a more mature path, but I doubt inflammatory messages will do much to help.

Also, while  from recent events (i.e. hackgate) the police have been under increased scrutiny, can we honestly expect to be told the whole truth on whether Mark Duggan, whose death inspired the initial riots, did indeed fire at police? Or will this end up into another long dodgy trial, with half-truths spat about along the way, and the truth having to be painfully extracted  (in the process strategically dressed-up, by the authorities), as was the case in the murder of De Menezes.





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