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Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars (No. 2)

<continued from previous post below>

The master was still trying to nail his point home.

“Imagine being invited by the CEO of Sony Corporation, Sir Howard Stringer, say as a guest of honor at a summer garden party he is hosting at his home in Oxfordshire, and after all the tittle-tattle, handshakes, hugs and kisses from his family, friends and acquaintances, you enter his abode on your way to the loo, and lo and behold an Apple Inc. Museum stares squarely back at you.

There’s an Imac on a desk, an Iphone on his coffee table and an Ipad on the sofa . The ceiling in the living room is dominated by a masterpiece of Steven Paul Jobs, at 349cm by 776cm. The title reads Applernica.  Even his coffee tables are shaped like Mac Minis, in white and complete with what looks like over-sized usb and Ethernet ports. You make your way to the toilet and open the door, and it couldn’t get worse. Inside is Apple Inc inspired graffiti, something that looks like this. In fact this guy loves the whole Apple charade so bad he has those white signature Apple stickers on everything that dareth presenteth on itself a smooth surface, its totally unbelievable he works for Sony. Tell me what would you think of such a man?”

“Well, I’d think he’s an idiot?” replied Lellouche.

“A freak really” commented Syme

“Ah c’mon, we  all have stuff we really are head over heels for, and we don’t know,  maybe its strategic, maybe he has all those so that he can steer Sony to be competitive with Apple, maybe its for reverse engineering.” stated Frau Schroeder, defensively.

“Huh, a Steve Jobs painting! for reverse engineering??” ridiculed the master. “Are you out of your bumming mind?”

“So what you are saying is that this country is going to the dogs because we are spending too much on foreign stuff?” asked Syme.

“Yes. Ok, not that simple. Its a little complex and there are a lot of factors at play, but with clever adjustment, we can make some headway. Picture this, we not only buy big German cars, but our coppers are armed with them, we are selling our banks to the Spanish, we worship the Chinese, even though they are the only ones truly benefiting from our trade relationship- with their archaic mechanisms for locking money inside China. We holiday in the south of France, or on Italian Cruises, when we have a perfectly beautiful coast, which ..with a little improvement, and improvisation, can be made into stuff of legend. Think about it, Dubai is making golden sand beaches from synthetic materials, are you seriously telling me that with the brains that are available on this Island, we can’t create our own heavenly beaches anywhere off our coasts? Bars and Pubs, instead of sending off our kids to Magaluf or Ibiza, those kids go there because there is no serious alternative on home soil. Most attempts on home soil are a joke …

“Ok, I’ll give you this, Ibiza sounds cooler than  Woolacombe sands or Dawlish Warren in Devon, or South Bay in Scarborough but seriously, if our being more at home, spending more in our economy means we steer clear of the debt crisis threatening Europe, surely it couldn’t be such a bad thing. In fact it will mean more funds to rescue the next Euro-zone domino that goes down. ”

“Its the weather” chuckled Lellouche. ” You can’t create French, Italian or Spanish weather in Scarborough.”

“Maybe you can…maybe we ought to create a workable alternative”




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