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Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars

“Don’t get me wrong”  cautioned Syme  ” I know there are many bright Irish guys out there, but  this Uncle of mine who is now 52 once asked me why it was  that a whole bunch of Irish blokes are much more comfortable with a shovel, clearing muck than using their brains to make money?”

There was laughter in the room.

” What did he want them all to do, become actors like Colin Farrell or Pierce Brosnan, or maybe comedians like Dara O’ Briain?” responded Frau Schroeder.  “Of course there will be some knob heads with a facility for hammering at metal, or as you put it, a passion for swinging shovels. They can’t all be Enya , no way”

More chuckles, although in my head the picture I was seeing of  Dara O’ Briain dressed and singing like Enya was somewhat disturbing.

” But what is it that the Irish are best known for, besides giving the world George Bernard Shaw, Guinness and Irish Potatoes?” asked the master ” And in any case, jobs are disappearing like crazy everywhere, not everybody can still land a tolerable job” he added dryly.

After poking fun at a couple of notable names found on this list talk then steered to news that HSBC was axing 30,000 jobs, with Lellouche expressing his concerns since Francesca was employed in retail banking at HSBC.

” Thats a lot man!” exclaimed Frau Schroeder “30,000! ouch, that’s a proper cull.”

“Well, to be fair ” chipped in the master “Even big companies are trying to save money these days, it sometimes smacks me why our government hasn’t figured it out yet. Oh yeah, We will cut £1 billion off the NHS, but we will equip all policemen with top of the range £60,000 a piece BMW’s. What a joke! and when did this obsession with top of the range German cars begin?” he cried.

“Hang on!” barked Syme. “Hang on there, criminals are becoming sophisticated, and if they are armed with an Impreza or a Golf GT,  M3, what do you want a copper to chase them in, a Cavalier? Shouldn’t coppers be throwing punches in beemers?”

“Bull!  slimy and well orchestrated bull. Ok,  I’ll give it to you that thieves won’t show up your back door in a Bhajaj or anything resembling a Cavalier, but who said there was absolutely no equivalent car, that was British Made, at an affordable price that could match, not out muscle, but just match BMW’s on which they’ve wasted hundreds of thousands of tax-payers money on. This giving chase happens on the road you know, this is not a race track we’re giving chase, this is normal friendly British roads and motorways?”

“There isn’t!” interjected the missus. As we say “Freude am Fahren, driving in comfort, whatever the speed, our cars rule supreme.”   She would say that, wouldn’t she. She was German.

“Ok, lets put it a different way.  Just because BMW claims their so called ultimate driving machines are the only hope for effective crime fighting.What is it costing us? And can you name me any conclusive research, with evidence that crime will be on the increase if the British police sells off all its beemers, in preference to say something more affordable? It will save money, and we can always revert to nitro boosters, instead of spending millions on beemers”

“What!!?” screamed Syme. “What would be more affordable, yet somewhat functional and extremely reliable?”

I must live in a most exciting household and will bring you more news on this saucy little topic later, but just when I was losing all hope, that the world had completely lost it, yet once again this canine feels suddenly inspired by his owners  who don’t seem to have lost it after all.



3 thoughts on “Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars

  1. Preach it my brother.

    Posted by hotshot bald cop | August 31, 2011, 1:02 am


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