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The misunderstood wizard of footwear fashion

Don’t you just hate it when people collude or collaborate to bring down (or embarrass) a successful institution? As an example try searching in your web browser the following terms and you will see what I mean: ” I hate Manchester United” ” I hate Coke” “Simon cowell is a cock” ” I hate men”    … Continue reading

The persecuter and the persecutee

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve encountered some very interesting views, and I must say collectively how thoroughly entertaining its all been. Absolute comedy. Priceless. While our prayers and thoughts must be with those who have lost loved ones, nothing could have sparked such a huge multiplicity of opinion. Firstly, it was hugely relieving … Continue reading

Unequally “equal” Societies

Don’t get me wrong, but why did the Prime Minister take a holiday in Tuscany? Also, where did Boris Johnson take his holiday? Think about it, there are widespread cuts in many areas of public spending that will affect the lowest earners in society and will make life extremely difficult for low income families, meaning the … Continue reading

London Riots

Its sad how a misunderstanding can be quickly picked up and contorted to achieve criminal purposes. The writer of this blog categorically condemns the thuggery, twisted criminal opportunism and terrorism taking place in the Towns of London. Yes, there have been cuts to public services, there are fewer jobs about (and its summer holidays, students … Continue reading

Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars (No. 2)

<continued from previous post below> The master was still trying to nail his point home. “Imagine being invited by the CEO of Sony Corporation, Sir Howard Stringer, say as a guest of honor at a summer garden party he is hosting at his home in Oxfordshire, and after all the tittle-tattle, handshakes, hugs and kisses … Continue reading

Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars

“Don’t get me wrong”  cautioned Syme  ” I know there are many bright Irish guys out there, but  this Uncle of mine who is now 52 once asked me why it was  that a whole bunch of Irish blokes are much more comfortable with a shovel, clearing muck than using their brains to make money?” … Continue reading