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In response to everyone (including a yahoo blogger) who said Lord Sugar hired the wrong apprentice

He (the blogger) doesn’t know much about business.

Here’s a crash course that won’t trouble his simple mind too much.

(1) Find product that has a market potential -> dislike product .

(2) Come up with variant -> improve and simplify product.

(3) Give consumers an opportunity to test/taste -> get feedback.

(4) More improvements.

(5) Finally after schmoozing your way into buyers good books, get to mass market
Its erroneous to suggest that Lord Sugar had to go with a product he liked. Not necessarily, he didn’t have to like the product for him to know that with a little tweaking, he could make money.

In fact, it looks like Tom himself is the one that needs tweaking.

Finally,  I can predict, that with no discernible thick ‘shakable’ ego (unlike 90% of all previous winners), Tom’s more likely than not to stay alongside Lord Sugar. He isn’t walking away like all the previous apprentices anytime soon. Certainly, I can see Tom on the side of Lord Sugar 10 years down the line, having made upwards of £500 million together, although a team of Tom, Susan and Helen would definitely be something to reckon with.



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