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I think about the right to die when …

… they’re no dying kids on my street, or orphans who have nobody to look after them, or earn a living on their behalf.

Journalism cheek or gruesome scene?

I think about the freedom to die when…

drought -> dying livestock -> fewer possessions - > poverty

..there are no animals dying from hunger on my farm, as a result of drought or sparse rainfall (and when my government has access to technology that would help increase the availability of water in the dessert , but won’t exchange that information with others).

I think about the right to die

… when there is no corruption in the highest echelons of my country’s government, and my leaders are neither power hungry – telling lies to a gullible population just before elections, only to ignore the fooled masses after inauguration- nor eternally cursed with an incurable disease that causes them to tightly hold onto power, even when they are clearly incapable of herding anything, even blind sheep.

I think about the freedom to die …

when less than 1 in 10 of my adult population carries the Human immunodeficiency virus, and media agencies find it funny, or convenient, or both,  to make ads such as:

Or these

I think about the right to die  …

when every year i don’t have to remember about the hundreds of thousands of lives that were lost in genocide, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces ….

I think about the freedom to die …

When there is little or no poverty amongst my country folk, when there is a National health Service and most families with young children receive some form of child support, while the unemployed young /old  receive job seekers allowance. When pensioners receive a state pension, including payments towards gas/ electricity bills. I think about the freedom to die when I have life Insurance…

I think about the right to die …

..when women’s rights are unequivocally triumphed over archaic inequalities, and rape is a declining animistic practice that goes severely punished.

I think about the freedom to die …

When my government is not a dictatorship, or one characterized in that it represses its people, suppresses opposition and depresses its senior citizens.

I think about the right to die…

… when defence spending is a far greater priority over fixing intended/ unintended post-colonial/imperialism effects, and receives a considerable bulk of public funds.




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