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Police, Ponies and Poo

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

“You know de Police, they on Cheval here, er how do you say, er, horse, yes? ”
It was Lellouche talking to the master from the corridor door. He had just arrived from work, and was looking increasingly restless.
“How come they still on horse?”
The master shrugged, offering to make him some coffee.
“Tradition” the master replied. Lellouche looked a little disturbed then brightened up.
“Eer, you know horse, er poop. yeah?” He asked, half smiling. “..and in Park, er dog er and er animalz … you say have, poop scoop. Yeeas?”
“Yes, and why don’t the police pick up horse shit?” said the master, finishing the question for him.
” Ezactly” said Lellouche with a smirk.
” They should, it messes up the roads, and fouls the air, but they won’t. You know how they are like, they don’t like doing dirty jobs”
“Mmmm, maybe, er make a law, er MP’s, judges,you know, that police should er poop scoop, or fine, or go to jail?” Lellouche asked

The master was dumbfounded, and just shook his head.

Police ponies here

Runaway french police horse here

Equine hoof science here



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