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Patent Box – Consultation on how 10% corporation tax will apply

The UK Government has issued a consultation over the introduction of a preferential regime for profits arising from patents, known as a Patent Box. Apparently, this will allow companies to apply a 10% corporation tax rate to profits derived from UK & EPO issued patents. The move is designed to encourage companies to locate high-value … Continue reading


There’s something about Australians that seems just over the top, and I’m not talking drink here. Neither I’m I referring to crazy numpties who post jackass style videos on you-tube. As an example, think of the Royal Albert Hall, a unique architectural masterpiece that took  years to build. Seventy years later, the Aussies began to … Continue reading

I think about the right to die when …

… they’re no dying kids on my street, or orphans who have nobody to look after them, or earn a living on their behalf. I think about the freedom to die when… ..there are no animals dying from hunger on my farm, as a result of drought or sparse rainfall (and when my government has … Continue reading

Leadership – rebranding Africa

“Helping Africa develop, and support itself in my view is extremely easy, extremely easy… and its such a surprise that there is nobody smart enough to do it yet, bothered enough to address it, yet. They claim to have degrees from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge,  MIT, Insead..etc ..the list goes on, but look at their … Continue reading

Alice Pyne bucket list

This story is truly inspirational It would be good if more celebrities devoted time to such noble causes.

Police, Ponies and Poo

“You know de Police, they on Cheval here, er how do you say, er, horse, yes? ” It was Lellouche talking to the master from the corridor door. He had just arrived from work, and was looking increasingly restless. “How come they still on horse?” The master shrugged, offering to make him some coffee. “Tradition” … Continue reading


Is it new? Is it inventive ? Does it have industrial  application? Those are some of the first few questions each inventor will be asked ( directly / indirectly) when they go to see a Patent Agent. However, while these may seem like simple questions, already there may be a problem with certain kinds of … Continue reading


I have not been able to find a suitable picture for this post, so i will post it without a photo…hang on, i just found one! The catalytic converter is the piece of the exhaust that is located in front of the muffler where pollutants from the engine are converted to normal gases. Converters are … Continue reading