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Gourmet cuisine? Just wait 20 years and see if you think the same way

Do you still have your old cookery books? If you do, I think one of these days you ought to take a good look at them again. I’m not talking baking books, but rather those that have recipes for dishes other than cakes, scones or biscuits.

Recently I found myself browsing through one i still have, a BBC Book  from 1988, titled “Floyd on Britain & Ireland“. It sold for £7.95, and even now I can’t get my head round which imbecile in my household invested that much for such dubious recipes. Look at it ( the pictures, not the recipes), page 25, we have a picture of a Cockle and Mussel Chowder and Cullen Skink (do they still call it Skink ?), at page 87 we have a slice of toast bread and two kidneys???? Yup, two Kidneys placed onto a toasted slice of bread. And at 136, we have Rabbit in Lentil…in Lentil!!…and look at page 169, Welsh salt Duck with Laverbread…phwoar. Disgusting!

To be fair, those chicken livers(page 103) look delicious, and so does the fillet of Venison with Celeriac and Glazed apples(page 121).

But it makes you wonder doesn’t it, what food will look like 20 years from now. Maybe something like Princess Beatrice’s hat.



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