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For those of you who haven’t been following this:


Here’s a  crash course(albeit a little crude):

Nadia Plesner (Danish artist, working and living in Netherlands) likes to push the boundaries when it comes to art and activism, something which is extremely rare nowadays.

She painted Simple Living, (2007)  that depicted a starving black child carrying an Louis Vuitton (LV) bag and a Chihuahua. It was a huge success and the associated merchandise sold extremely well with all profits going to help the organization Divest for Darfur.

LV didn’t see the moral side of this and sued her in 2008, relying on their Registered Community Design for IP infringement.

LV Design number 000084223-0001

She appeared to have run out of money to pay her attorneys who were fighting LV, so stopped selling the merchandise.

She was then involved in a tragic accident that left her out of action for a while.

Once she was able to paint again she began work on Simple Living 2, that depicted the malnutritioned boy (but this time without the LV bag) and an equally starving girl with a size zero ribbon.

Simple Living 2

On 11 June 2009 she began work on Dafurnica, which was the exact same size as Picasso’s Guernica

It featured the boy with the LV bag and LV sued her again.

To cut the story short, Plesner won! (English judgement here  Danish   here) The court held that Plesner’s right of artistic freedom of expression trumped Vuitton’s exclusive rights in the Community design (para. 4.8).

I wish there were more judgements as sensible as this (and more artists who supported such worthy causes).

This canine wishes her all the very best in her activism and revolutionary painting!



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