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Soza, Sozza, Sorazza!

I’m yesterday. Its official, even though I’m only nearing the triple exes, I’m convinced there’s very little that is current about me. Which was why I was surprised when I saw this word, written on a note in the mens lavatory of this one pub I stopped by yesterday.

Sorazza? What on earth is that? The note said the gents toilet had flooded. So my first thought was that it could only mean Sorry, unless if they found the flooding somewhat amusing, and the word instead meant something like “Whatever”, or “Losers!”. Imagine walking towards a mens toilet in your local pub or coffee bar, having downed 2 or 3 pints or equivalent, only to be confronted with a note on the door that read:

Gents, toilet’s broke, Piss off! ”

I’d probably pee on their payment counter (or at the first barista I saw).

In any case,wasn’t sorry Soza a few months ago? Urban talk just rocks!

Anyways, I found this link regarding protection of Traditional remedies by IPR’s in Malawi, which I thought was quite interesting, and strangely doesn’t appear to have been reported on any other blog. This is great news for Malawi, and I hope they follow it through. Also, hopefully all this will eventually lead to such remedies being further developed by manufacturers (local or otherwise) to produce medicaments, which would help the local population, reducing reliance on foreign and expensive medicines, although I can’t help but wonder what level of investment would be required to achieve this?



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