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“Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask …why not?” –  George Bernard Shaw.

So, how many dilapidated buildings are there in your city

And whats being done to them besides developers destroying them and erecting ugly looking structures where they once stood (in all honesty, some of the new buildings are not that ugly)

Also, why is there high unemployment? All this talk that people cannot find jobs, that in some industries there’s 1 job to 15+ applicants. Why all the moaning?

Wait a minute, if you are giving these job seekers allowances, for free, in return for nothing … wouldn’t it be useful to get something back?  After all , there’s probably 10,000 to 50,000 (could be more, could be less, i have absolutely no idea) dilapidated buildings lying around, some of which developers haven’t even considered in years. And how do I know this, well, I know a building that was up for sale/ to rent 2 years ago, and yesterday when i was driving near to the Town, I did a small detour to see what had changed, and lo and behold there it was, still in ruins 2 years on. The billboards are rotting, but they are still up.

Maybe something could be done to such buildings. I know what you are going to say, who is going to foot the bill, insurance, H & S, etc…well, in fact, nobody, or more accurately, anybody who is not afraid of a new and exciting challenge, and is ready to provide their skills to their community’s benefit. So on the banner of positive thinking and empowerment, and when it is common to get sponsorship for television shows/ charitable causes and organizations are often willing to ‘donate’ use of their product / service / machinery in exchange for a little publicity, etc why should it be difficult to start a ‘Regeneration scheme’ whereby you get 40 or so unemployed but able young men and women/ students, and  seek pro-bono services of a number of qualified Architects, Structural engineers, Builders, Plumbers, Surveyors, Electricians, Project managers, Risk / Hazard analysts, and other professionals (it has to be a timely affair [5 days each month, preferable on a Monday, Friday & Sunday] people have other better things to do with their time you know), etc to offer their materials/ equipment and the like in exchange for some publicity (we could get a TV crew involved) … and perhaps a % stake / ownership in the new building?  You may need a commercial property Lawyer in the mix as well. And yes, maybe not to bother too much with the big guys [unless they are willing to offer their services. And money], only ask the small guys because they are the ones who are keen to make an impression, need to build a portfolio, and have the energy and drive which would ensure that their involvement in a truly meaningful / grand project is fruitfull in the end.

-You could have a web portal to which people log on and register their interest, just like tenders, to collaborate on a rota system, and pass on work from one expert to the other, as the months roll, to make the rota work, until in the end the project is complete. You could then raise funds from big business etc/ or a 0% interest loan (guaranteed by the govt) to pay your unemployed crew (nothing much…it could be as little as free luch and £20 payable only after a days work [20 x 40 people x 5 days a month = £4000, which can easily be raised from a number of major corporations in support for such a noble task ]. Anything that will contribute to their weekly Job seekers allowance, which in the end I’m certain will help them far more than dishing out money for free). If some people get a job in the process (as a result of their newly acquired work experience), you could  bring in more manpower to cover the shortfalls and so on.

Once the building is ready you could try and rent it out on terms that are more attractive than other providers, and use the income on the next regeneration project and so on.

You could get radio stations (for example on a program such as the Chris Moyles show, on BBC or even Classic FM), to triumph such projects and increase interest as it will not only provide jobs to the unemployed but will regenerate/ restore old structures, some of which were beautiful buildings with real character. Once the work is complete, you can then wait for the right person / organisation to buy or lease the building from you. At least the building will be in a merchantable state, and could be used for all sorts in the time being. You know those civil servants you wanted to move to those costly city premises or that technology company that needed new premises, they could rent it on ‘idyllic terms’ off you..as long as they pay ~ £50,000 a year and insure it, (which is peanuts really..but it will give some sort of income to all the unemployed people working on your projects and in the least repay your loan, or pay for the cost of buying the property from its present landlords who have let it fall into ruins)




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