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Art, Deception and FIFA

Like Sentinels guarding a castle, Umbrellas fit perfectly over an alleyway, maybe to provide cover from the sun/ rain; black and shadowy, artistic, architectural. Maybe as an ad for a nearby umbrella shop, obvious, but  not-so-obvious after all. Or an aesthetic feature of the otherwise cold alleyway, depends how you choose to look at it. … Continue reading


Do you still have your old cookery books? If you do, I think one of these days you ought to take a good look at them again. I’m not talking baking books, but rather those that have recipes for dishes other than cakes, scones or biscuits. Recently I found myself browsing through one i still … Continue reading

Kraftfull konst!

For those of you who haven’t been following this: http://www.nadiaplesner.com/Website/darfurnica.php Here’s a  crash course(albeit a little crude): Nadia Plesner (Danish artist, working and living in Netherlands) likes to push the boundaries when it comes to art and activism, something which is extremely rare nowadays. She painted Simple Living, (2007)  that depicted a starving black child carrying … Continue reading

Hands off!!this airspace is mine!!!

No 6 lives on the 6th floor of a block of flats that is narrower at the sixth floor upwards than the floors below. No 7 lives on the 7th floor, directly above No 6. No 6, applies for planning permission to build an extension over the airspace above  the 5th floor, enlarging his flat … Continue reading

Soza, Sozza, Sorazza!

I’m yesterday. Its official, even though I’m only nearing the triple exes, I’m convinced there’s very little that is current about me. Which was why I was surprised when I saw this word, written on a note in the mens lavatory of this one pub I stopped by yesterday. Sorazza? What on earth is that? … Continue reading


“Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask …why not?” –  George Bernard Shaw. So, how many dilapidated buildings are there in your city And whats being done to them besides developers destroying them and erecting ugly looking structures where they once stood (in all … Continue reading

The Nook and Cranny

Kindle Here,  Nook there Cranny there ( a different kind of.. erm, cranny) nook and cranny here Nook and Cranny (in Windermere) here Microsoft and Nook here