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the wedding

Will, nice  robe. Like the badge. Kate, beautiful dress. Exquisite. Hope you both live happily ever after. Life’s a bittersweet song. Sing together. Advertisements

hugs & kisses

There’s something intensely entertaining about seeing a grey haired middle aged cop blowing a kiss lovingly to his girlfriend / partner, while uniformed… I just saw 1 walking proudly from his lady’s car…into a pub, while in uniform, armed, wearing the black vest, radios, hat… Maybe its because we don’t see such things often. You … Continue reading

Blind Advisers

Mr Prime Minister, or perhaps your honorable home secretary. Who is it that advises you? Really, honestly who cooks all these rubbish policies (for lack of a better  word) about technological advancement, and  innovation schemes? I mean who in their sane mind cooks this crap. Have you ever asked yourself why lately the UK has … Continue reading

Traffic wardens

“Hands up all who hate traffic wardens?  the man asked, looking around at the people who were gathered in the room. He was wearing a khaki jacket, white stripped shirt and blue denim. “Thats a lot of hands” he exclaimed giddily, no doubt glad that the people in the room were playing along. “Hands up … Continue reading


Interflora on Advocate general’s opinion: http://blog.interflora.co.uk/interflora-vs-marks-spencer-update-2/

Mad Jones likes Braveheart Mel (a.k.a mad Mel)

Qur’an burning pastor and mad man Terry Jones has a poster of Mel Gibson (below) in his office. No wonder he likes setting fires to things…he probably sees himself as a heroic figure, which with his blatant disrespect of other peoples faith is anything but heroic.


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