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austerity my ***e

Doesn’t it just annoy you when people talk about difficult times, or “austerity“, when in essence the financial crisis and all the money difficulties many ordinary people are experiencing during this time, with all the cuts and freezes in pay,  etc hasn’t hit them the least bit.

For a start, they have hundreds of thousands of pounds in savings and don’t really know what they are talking about when they say austerity. They can afford almost everything they could 24 months ago, and have made little, if any changes to their lifestyle. For example, they haven’t had to switch from Salmon  & Sunflower bread to Sainsbury’s basics Soup and white buns, with, u guessed it Sainsbury’s basics butter. Nor have they had to declare off the road notification on their vehicle and instead began cycling to work because of the price of petrol.  They wouldn’t understand if you told them that some people haven’t been to the movies in over a year because of, money problems!

To these prats, difficulty maybe means 3 instead of 4 holidays abroad each year. Or maybe 3 weeks in Indonesia, 3 weeks in South Africa, and 2 weeks in Florida, instead of 5 weeks each time. Or maybe making a couple of people redundant, a money saving statistical exercise any accountant worth their salt can do. Or a drop in  profits from £540,000 to  £275,000.

Or maybe they just like the sound of the word austerity…. aust- e- r-i- ty,  an age of  a-u-s-ter-i-t-y.

I’m not convinced they know about real hardship?

Also, I like the idea of pay cuts, and have read many inspiring stories about leaders who took hardship by the horns and as they reduced their workforce, down went their salaries. Like the admirable Japan airlines CEO, Nishimatsu or Mr Toyoda, and several others, but  it really isn’t the same is it. Like, when one is earning £100,000 + in comparison to one who was earning  only £25,000.

Ok, I admit this is a little hypocritical as it depends on one’s outgoing… and a whole load of other factors

I just wish these prats who go on about “the age of austerity” when they have no clue of what real difficulty really means would be thankful with what they have and keep their mouths shut.



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