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Annoying Music

Please don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it annoying that on a Sunday, when you are trying to listen to anything relaxing and good on the radio, all some stations can manage to put up are songs that worship love, riches … and all that is soppy and unreal in life. Some guy / girl moaning about lost love, or some guy expressing his feelings to the love of his life in almost reverent wording, or some wanton girl (who obviously has never heard of the dating cycle) going on about how she would like to find the man who knows how to …. her body…

utter rubbish!

Get me a radio station playing good chilled-out music on a Sunday, not this bunkum…(!!??”!!! %£$%&*&&*&^%£^%&* ####!!! plugs both ears with index fingers and walks towards the radio to shut it off)



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