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A hint of Tyranny as the forbidden fruit shows its true colours

Apples left to their own devices, tend to show their true rotten colours sooner or later

Don’t you just hate the way some people, companies or even governments try to throw their weight around, disregarding common sense on what is right and plainly wrong, international law, etc. Think Dictators and ego-centric figures in some governments, think of Iraq and the US security company Blackwater, the CIA and their antics, the Murdoch empire, Microsoft tried it at one point,  and now Apple has soberly joined the list …

Honestly, 30%, who does Steve Job really think we all are? Idiots?

I am of the conviction that someone, or a number of people at Apple think precisely that. Yes, that on top of the money you pay for the iphone Dev SDK to program Apps, almighty Jobs wants 30% of everything you sell.

Lets do the maths:

Say royal mail approached your company today, and said ” We’ll deliver all your mail, so long as you buy the stamp, but only on one condition, on top of the stamp fees you pay, or any insurance, we want 30% of the value of  the sell price of any goods, please, : – ) ?”

If I was the recipient of such a ridiculous,plainly in yer face insult, it wouldn’t end well… somebody would get hurt reeeaaaally baaad, somebody.

Because if I’m generating £5000 a month from Apps store as a self employed developer, in a typical year as the rules stand, 30.4% of that goes to tax and NI anyway, then this new rule says i have to give Jobs another 30%.   30%????.  O, really(pauses). Wait a minute (scratches head and groin simultaneously then scribbles  something on a receipt lying around the desk), what  then do i get, if I am to disregard my ISA allowance [ :-)]:

39.6 ****ing percent! 39 frigging percent.  39, just 9 more than Jobs who hasn’t done an ounce of work on my apps, this so looks like 17 century servitude. For docks sake,  I wouldn’t even get laid with that 9%.

Next week, I’m selling my iPod, iPhone, iPad,  all apple products in my house are for the taking. Check your eBay, they will be all there on auction. Not putting up with this tyranny anymore … Just as I was beginning to think we were onto something with this iPad thingy, and that Android was some sort of a glorified joke, Jobs blew it…sorry m8, I’d have to go with the little green robot instead.

If you step back, whats more pathetic is the response from the industry. I can’t believe  all  Google could come up with was something that sounded like a ticket to an underground brothel.

“Oh yeah, what you need for that is a One Pass, you can get it from Jonny, he lives across the road. Namba seven, yeah, seven, you’ll see it, you can’t miss it, there’s a red dick painted on his door on the left, and the place smells of crack, so you’ll know it when you get there. Its maad. Oh, and he owns a pitbull so watch your step, dawg”

Who in hells name came up with such a feeble and crappy trade mark, One ****ing Pass?

This world is now totally devoid of inspiration, I shouldn’t be here anymore. Shoot me dead now …



One thought on “A hint of Tyranny as the forbidden fruit shows its true colours

  1. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

    Posted by Minecraft Guide | March 12, 2011, 3:13 am

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