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Lellouche rant

“les politiciens, sont inutiles!”

It was Lellouche, fuming over something he was reading in the newspaper.  I listened carefully.

“Politics, eehr, it has become, eehr, rubbish, boaaring” he threw the newspaper animatedly onto the table, looking up instead towards Frau Schroeder.

Frau Schroeder was preparing dinner and the master had not yet arrived. She pointed out that as far as political affairs were concerned, this was a hot period in the arena when everyone’s attention was focused on the middle east.

At some point during the discussion that followed, i gathered that he was mouthing off in response to this  piece about the striking judges in France.

” The reason why the media loved leaders like Bush was because of the gaffe’s that brought with them a sense of drama.  Think Bush looking through a Binoculars that had its cover still on, yet smiling and pretending that he was seeing something, until a few moments later when a military man standing nearby removes the binocular’s covers. The media love that” said Frau Schroeder ” But we are not too short now Lellouche, are we?” She asked “One just has to look at Berlusconni and his bunga bunga parties; Putin and his dancing moves, and of course Sakorzy. Even Merkel appears to be a bit of a character.”

It seems Sakorzy sparked a controversy a few weeks ago about his comments about the French judicial system. Everyone is getting into trouble with their judges, leave aside Berlusconi‘s and his wantonly troubles with Italy’s legal system, even the British Justice secretary was having some difficulty with some judges

Having fairly limited knowledge of current French politics, my observations were that reaction to the business of government in France often went to extreme proportions, and you didn’t have to look very far into the country’s political history to see this. If there was a Country that I imagined could somehow attempt creation of empire again in the future, it wasn’t China, Russia or Germany. It had to be France.

After all, apart from the eager patriotism, it seems there is still an air of the Grande ancien français about when you visit some areas. Also, maybe it makes sense because they have had a fair number of dramatic revolutions over the last millennium, and they once ruled one of the  largest Empires the world has ever known, so possibly not many surprises there.

While students in Britain can take to the streets and protest over one grievance or another, only in France would judges leave their courtrooms and take to the streets. In the past, we’ve seen pretty much everyone from Farmers, Truck drivers and various other types of mass mobs, but never had the world seen robed judges take the law to the street.

“They should grab him by the limbs, and parade him at La Defence,” blurted Lellouche, throwing angry fists in the air “Eehr, take him and hang him because he don’t know what he is sayeing. He’s a traitor Sakorzy. Traitor”

Maybe its because his father is a judge.



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