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High property prices may be bad for the economy

“Guten morgen leerlauf wissenschaftler” It was Frau Schroeder, wearing a morning gown early on a Saturday morning. She always called him idle scientist. An allusion to the master’s hibernation, yes thats the best word for  his weird after meal indulgence, in which he sat in a somewhat comfortable position, usually on a sofa and leaning … Continue reading

austerity my ***e

Doesn’t it just annoy you when people talk about difficult times, or “austerity“, when in essence the financial crisis and all the money difficulties many ordinary people are experiencing during this time, with all the cuts and freezes in pay,  etc hasn’t hit them the least bit. For a start, they have hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

Headless Chickens

Beware when politicians and military men in one country begin to preach revolution of another country. Often, something peculiar is about to happen. I don’t like Gaddafi, never have. If it was up to me, he’d join the ranks of Ahmadinejad, Mugabe or Laurent Gbagbo in a mental hospital somewhere in the Appalachians, until they … Continue reading

Annoying Music

Please don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it annoying that on a Sunday, when you are trying to listen to anything relaxing and good on the radio, all some stations can manage to put up are songs that worship love, riches … and all that is soppy and unreal in life. Some guy / girl … Continue reading

A hint of Tyranny as the forbidden fruit shows its true colours

Don’t you just hate the way some people, companies or even governments try to throw their weight around, disregarding common sense on what is right and plainly wrong, international law, etc. Think Dictators and ego-centric figures in some governments, think of Iraq and the US security company Blackwater, the CIA and their antics, the Murdoch … Continue reading

Lellouche rant

“les politiciens, sont inutiles!” It was Lellouche, fuming over something he was reading in the newspaper.  I listened carefully. “Politics, eehr, it has become, eehr, rubbish, boaaring” he threw the newspaper animatedly onto the table, looking up instead towards Frau Schroeder. Frau Schroeder was preparing dinner and the master had not yet arrived. She pointed … Continue reading

On world Aids day 2002

I light a Candle To remeber all those I love Who have died of Aids And for their Parentless Children   The fear and loneliness haunts me Of finally knowing you can go on no more Scrabbling together a living Paying the school fees   Leaving your Loved ones To be a ‘burden’ to someone … Continue reading