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Egypt then Libya, who’s next?

A rich  savage history, one of the earliest centres of organised society and civilization, revolution after revolution, now their dictator is gone.

Post Mubarak, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, headed by Tantawi wields power in Egypt, and while there is still news of pockets of protests, the worlds attention has now turned to Libya.

Now, unlike Tunisa and Egypt, Libya is ruled by a man very much the rogue rock star of the arab world. A rare maverick in all meanings of the word. He was trained in a military college in Greece and by the British, at a time when he made plans to stage a military coup, that succeeded  perfectly. Since then he has bounced back and forth from friend to foe of the west, being linked to several terrorist activities, including the Lockerbie bombing, in which 270 lives were lost. An admirer of Nasser‘s pan-Arabist ideas, a man who had resisted the British & French forces in the Suez crisis, Colonel Murmmar Gaddafi, although a man of many contradictions, often seen surrounded by sexy female gun wielding body guards, is not the typical western controlled stooge, or some misguided fool. Think of him as sort of Hugo Chavez, having a hint of Silvio Belusconi, extremely wealthy but vain, and aspiring to appear sincere in his beliefs, yet ready to use force on the same civilians he claims to be the “brotherly ruler” of. A not so obvious hybrid of Bin Laden, mercurial, menacing and murderous. Which is why news that about 1000 innocent civilians have now lost their lives as a direct result of the military sect loyal to him shooting innocent Libyans is not entirely surprising.

As i draft this, the UN has a choice to either play coy, and see further preventable atrocities committed…

Or to step in now, and be blamed of being interested only in oil (we all know of the oil for food programme in Iraq), but at least stand guard, if anything prevent the Regime loyalists causing  further loss of life.

As for Gaddaffi himself (or indeed any unelected ruler), it is only a matter of time before his regime falls. Other parts of Libya have already fallen from his control.

The question is not if, but when and how?



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