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If you leave us, we’ll make sure you’re unemployed … for a while

Confidentiality is an interesting thing, isn’t it.

The notion that certain information has certain proprietary holds about it, and its flow must be strictly controlled.
If I tell you something, you must keep it secret, or if you use it, use it only for the purposes for which I told it to you. Do not use it for any other purposes, do not tell anyone else about it. In respect to what I just told you, please shut up.

And if you are an employer, then it goes like this. You are working for us. For our benefit, for the good of the company.We pay you, to work for us, and do your job(for us), and whatsoever you learn, skills, our craft, business methods, it all belongs to us. It may be in your head, and after doing it for a while, you may have got the jist of it, for all we care, you may be the don @ it several months down the line and may even have developed a niche within it, but all of it, whether in your head, in your blood, in your pee or otherwise … it all is categorically ours. So, as I said, please shut up.

But if you decide to talk or walk, I don’t care who you tell or where you go, make sure that wind of your whereabouts doesn’t reach our ears, because if it does( and we discover you have dishonored your obligations), then we’ll take you to court:


I wonder what the competition lawyers think?



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