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Togethered qe ore vicorious

Its a peculiar world, the internet, isn’t it? A platform for world publication, that can be cost-effective (or cost nothing at all), is instant(in most places), and has the potential to create wealth ( for some it has created billions); An idea that would have sounded so thoroughly mental to the earliest publishers in China and Greece, you would  have been officially branded as insane, not to mention your head would have been cut off for even suggesting such nonsense.

Amusing also at times, this internet.

In our web posts, we all make mistakes, don’t we,  from time to time, whether its on facebook, twitter, yahoo or msn the keyboard has its crafty ways of making even the most linguistically fluent of us, look illiterate, plain stupid. What comes to mind is hte for “the”, baht for “bath”, or adn for “and”. In this post, there will probably be atleast one typo. Look carefully to see if you can spot it.

Some mistakes are easier to spot than others, and some are easier to rectify than others. Thank God (or IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and others)  for Spell checker, life would be way too inconvenient without you, darling spell checker, we love you!

Yet there are certain mistakes that even a blogger, web designer, content manager ..and whosoever you prefer to call yourself… should not be allowed to make.

I found myself on the extremely offensive and patronising facebook page of the BNP,  this afternoon, while browsing through a list of facebook “likes”, and I happened upon this.

Speaks volumes about the sod who uploaded this, doesn’t it?  I’m curious, how old were they? It seems the only thing they can spell is the party’s name , British National Party. “Vicorious”, noooo! They couldn’t have been trying to spell vicarious because that means something else. Would probably be forgivable if it was “vicrorious” or “vicyorious” ,as the presence of an r or y would have been understood to be a typo for “T”, since “T” is between ” r” and “y” on all qwerty’s.

This very moment, as I type this post,  and uncover this act of butchery, all the Anglo-Frisians and  Old Saxons must be spinning in their graves, at such outrageous murder of their precious language, which they so trustingly passed on unto us, its present guardians.

The person who made the above upload ought to be banished from using the net to spread any further racial hatred.

More importantly and for the preservation of the human race, I think someone ought to put aside their racial views, and think seriously about education,  maybe go back to school, or take some evening adult English lessons, maybe a BTEC or if they can stomach it, an A-level?

P/s. Educational tip and animal spellchecker provided ‘togethered’ by the so ordinary canine of  3 foreigners. One from Germany, another being French, and the third from a “free country”




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