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Google innovates rather than imitates

A recent statement made by Matt Brittin, Managing Director of Google UK, was that Google innovates rather than imitates. Well, well…Of course with the revenues that Google generates from advertising, they would say that wouldn’t they. Yet, if you look back into history, what you will find is considerable evidence that a lot of good … Continue reading

If you leave us, we’ll make sure you’re unemployed … for a while

Confidentiality is an interesting thing, isn’t it. The notion that certain information has certain proprietary holds about it, and its flow must be strictly controlled. If I tell you something, you must keep it secret, or if you use it, use it only for the purposes for which I told it to you. Do not … Continue reading

Togethered qe ore vicorious

Its a peculiar world, the internet, isn’t it? A platform for world publication, that can be cost-effective (or cost nothing at all), is instant(in most places), and has the potential to create wealth ( for some it has created billions); An idea that would have sounded so thoroughly mental to the earliest publishers in China … Continue reading

Why I made Britannia my home

On a recent business trip to Beijing, a Chinese girl who toured with us was asked by one of the delegates on why she had left her family in China a few years earlier and decided instead to make London her permanent home. She sat back in her chair, and contemplated the question for a … Continue reading

candle powered heater

Its not everyday that you see an invention that is so simple and so straightforward (theoretically) that you wonder why you weren’t the first person to think of it yourself. Stupid me! This ingenious little device may fall into that category. It consists of a multi-core steel and ceramic radiator suspended above the candle on … Continue reading