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Boundless time, endless struggle

Went walking the earth, wandering as it were. Can be rather intriguing the things you encounter when you go about without any particular purpose in mind. It’s as if a sixth sense is switched on somewhere within you, and you become this alert machine, instantly aware of your immediate surroundings, to the things which you wouldn’t otherwise even bother to take a second look at. Graffiti, art & shapes, a slogan on the brand you’ve always known about, a couple bickering by a side street, the chippy around the corner.

I thrive on such observations.

To get what I’m on about, when was the last time you went out with a thinly veiled intention of getting lost? Out of the comfort of the Satnav, and in an area you were not too familiar with? Ok, I acknowledge that this is probably not the best use of time (nor the wisest) in sub zero winter temperatures, and when the open fire and the IKEA Sofa is eagerly beckoning from home (and almost impossible for those that live in large cities which often have clearly marked tube stations / bus stops around every corner [and those that live further aft of civilization, in tiny Towns where everybody knows everybody]) but when was the last time you got lost?

In my wanderings, among the stories that caught my fancy was  this piece.

I love the idea! Admittedly, I wasn’t aware of the term Crashpad prior to encountering it, although, it definitely looks like the whole concept is quite a popular trend, especially in London, and from the reviews, quite a lot of people use it. On the other hand,  in the face of generally higher crime figures than the rest of the country, I’d be wary of spending the night on a stranger’s sofa, alone, even if it would only cost me £20 a night. Anyhow, will definitely have to give it a try sometime.

I also learned that Paul Allen‘s  lawsuit has encountered a bit of trouble.

In addition, it appears that the EU bods are applying more pressure on the government to clean up London’s most polluted air. I think I read this in the metro.

Also, did you ever wonder why your council tax bill is unreasonably high? Wouldn’t it have been great for example if everyone only had to pay £20 – £30 of Council tax a month? Well, here’s one reason why you won’t be doing so anytime soon as your council is probably indulged in an illegal act of squandering your hard-earned cash to make useless repairs to “dead-end” roads, such as the one below:

council's money waste

how much money is spent making unnecessary changes to a dead-end road?

Then there was the news about a reduction of tax on royalties derived from newly granted Patents and the IP review. Nothing we haven’t already heard before.

But the thing that tops all my observations was what I noticed one morning was when Frau Schroeder was having her breakfast:

It’s a form of cereal, and at first, it just appears like ordinary cereal. We all know that there are many other cereal brands out there, we see them in the supermarket, nothing special here, to have a brand named called “special flakes with red berries”. Also, from a Trade Mark point of view, it’s probably descriptive, in that it indicates that the flakes are of a superior quality….blah blah. But if you step back a little, haven’t you ever seen something similar somewhere before?  Maybe even on a Tesco’s cereal shelf, where this special flakes is likely to be found in a Tesco’s store. You probably have it in your cupboard, and eat it for breakfast some days.




Take a closer look at the picture above and compare it with this:

Kellogs special K

Kellog's special K

In order to mentally quantify the similarities in greater detail, a side by side placement of recent versions of the products [ which I went to the bother of purchasing from a Tesco’s supermarket] is most useful:

Kellogs special K and Tesco's specialHere, I’ll leave it to you to decide on the level of similarity or differences of the brands and the goods they brand represents, especially since Kellogs owns a number of Trade marks for word and logo marks including the word “Special” and “K” [Note Tesco’s special Flakes has a “K” too!].

One final thing, I think this mark [owned by these guys] gets my award for the best Trade mark combining the words “Special” and “K”!



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