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Slight embarrassments of the past

Discovered by an English chemist in 1874,¬†Diacetylmorphinea is a bonding of opium’s active ingredient, morphine and the industrial acid, acetic anhydride. A powerful narcotic,it was named heroin in 1898 by the Bayer Company of Elberfeld, Germany who began¬† mass production of the drug as a broad-spectrum painkiller, registering it as a Trade mark. Heroin stimulates … Continue reading

Boundless time, endless struggle

Went walking the earth, wandering as it were. Can be rather intriguing the things you encounter when you go about without any particular purpose in mind. It’s as if a sixth sense is switched on somewhere within you, and you become this alert machine, instantly aware of your immediate surroundings, to the things which you … Continue reading