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Is it just me, or are half of all British conservative MP‘s and / politicians truly out of touch with the real world?

Just consider the sort of talk out of their end. They’ve been in a coalition government for less than a year, to be precise just around 6 months,  but the bunkum they’ve been spitting  is unbelievable, to the point one wonders which world these people are living in.

While I’m  neither that keen on Labour (at the moment), nor the tall one who so easily sells out,  in their 12 years in government, Labour politicians spat less sillier things than this current lot has this year alone.

And if you don’t believe me , lets do a bit of stock taking (not in chronological order), this year alone, leaving aside the issue about expenses:-

(1) Early on in march we heard how Andrew Turner, Conservative MP called Lord Mandelson, “Mandelweasel” on official House of Commons headed paper.

(2)Then there was Chris Gayling with his comments about bed & breakfast owners turning away gay-couples.

(3) Philip Lardner, in his sheer ignorance also expressed homophobic comments. He would say that wouldn’t he, for a man who holds Ian smith as his hero

(4) Then came Cameron’s comments about Pakistan “exporting terrorism”, which led to a cancellation of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief’s visit to London, who was scheduled for talks on cooperation in counter terrorism.

(5) Bob Neil says the poorest will bear the burden of the cuts. He may have a point.

(6) Cam, who has by far been caught out most times than many others came back with his “where are your papers” joke in Norwich

(5) July also saw Rory Stewart apologise for comments in which he said some of his constituents held their trousers up with twine. Before this, was Mark Reckless and his drunken stint [At least he didn’t say anything stupid, so we can give him some credit for that]

(6) Same month was David Davis with his “Brokeback Coalitions” remarks.

(7) In October came Mathew Hanckock, and his slip that the Equality legislation would cause government an awful lot of problems.

(8) Then there was Lord Young suggesting that the recession was all bollocks, and that Britain had never had it so good.

(9) Now we have Howard Flight and his family planning manifesto. I wonder what next month will bring? Someone should begin keeping a journal of all Tory gaffes? I’m sure there are tons more floating around and this is just scratching the surface, but I don’t believe for the life in me that the other parties combined could muster anything even vaguely comparable. Not a cat in hells chance.

The New Statesman has even compiled an online  page for Tory gaffes. And if that won’t convince you, try the Facebook page dedicated to Tory Gaffe’s.Who was it that said the Tories had changed?

Collectively, it all reminds me of something Orwell wrote in 1984, and I hereby join the ever growing list of prophets of doom to predict interesting times ahead. So long as this coalition survives, its obvious what will happen, and in fact its already began with the second wave of Student strikes in 2 months.



2 thoughts on “Conservaffe

  1. And how do you know Labour MP’s said less “sillier” things?

    Posted by anonymous | December 4, 2010, 4:58 pm


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