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And the winner is …

IP Australia.

While on the subject of Patent / IP offices,  I should commend IP Australia for having a simple, user-friendly website that looks professional. Here, they definitely nailed it, and have my vote as the best IP office website in the world.

Not as daunting, and bubbling with one piece of legislation or another as appears to be the case with the EPO’s website (also too grey, lacks colour and needs to be jazzed up a bit), nor too technical as the German Patent and Trade Marks Office., [ makes one feel as if they need a Advanced Diploma to find what they want]. Doesn’t require a language course to manoeuvre from one place to the next, as is the case of the French’s Industrial Patent office, nor too structured and requiring a bossomful of patience as is the case of the UK IPO (pray ye I to count the number of clicks it takes just to happen onto the elusive form 1 / fax number). Not too green as the Canadian Patent office that would probably appear to a non-English speaker as if its that of an environmental agency. None of the twaddle of the JPO (with lots of white blank  pages – similar charge to the USPTO, except their blanks are in dark Blue, and has an emblem that resembles that of the CIA ). None of the feeling that you are being  watched that you get when browsing the website of the State Intellectual Property Office.

Just one small question though. Why is everyone obsessed with the colour Blue?  Aren’t there other colours that they would have been used. The French , the British and the Australians all tug over a similar type of Blue.

Why not try Peach, Pink or Purple?



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