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Wireless Toy

It seems the master was searching for relevant prior art for a wireless enabled Children’s toy which his newest client has just invented when he encountered  this: GB2426409.  The note on the abstract reads:

A sex toy linkable to a mobile telephone and adapted to respond to a signal received from the mobile telephone … The sex toy preferably requires entry of a code in order to synchronise with the mobile telephone and synchronisation of the mobile telephone and sex toy in order for the sex toy to be activated by the mobile telephone.

Sets the imagination wild, doesn’t it. Modern scientific machinations truly knows no bounds.

Now, while we’ve all seen the perpetual motions, flying saucers, time machine’s and other indescribable contraptions certain crazy people invent, this is in an entirely different category altogether, which brings me to the next question. To all the lateral thinking Sapien‘s walking the planet, in which circumstances, realistically would this device be of any use?

The passage below from the description of the Patent specification is most helpful in offering clarification to the less hopeful:

“However, the mobile telephone signal detected by the receiver is a generic signal and is not specific to a particular telephone. The signal could be caused by any one of a text message being sent or received, a telephone call being made or received or a mobile telephone checking for network status. This means that, depending on the environment, the sex toy may be activated by a large number of mobile phones. In order to try to overcome this the radius within which the mobile phone has to be to activate the sex toy is small, less than a metre. This means that when the user’s mobile phone is placed more than a metre away from the device, for example it may be left on a table, then the device is not activated when the user is called. On the other hand, if there is more than one phone in the vicinity, an example given is when a user is sitting on a bus, then another person’s mobile phone may still activate the device.”

What! I didn’t get that right did I?

This toy is designed to solve the problem of accidental activation of a sex toy by random peoples mobile phones on a bus….!!!&&%^$£”!£$%^&*???????”£$%^&????

Mmmm, lets create an App.



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