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Is it just me, or are half of all British conservative MP‘s and / politicians truly out of touch with the real world? Just consider the sort of talk out of their end. They’ve been in a coalition government for less than a year, to be precise just around 6 months,  but the bunkum they’ve … Continue reading

Celeb pull factor

Celebrities have for years acted as key traffic drawers and created the” pull factor” for many brands. From fashion icons, sports stars to musicians, big business has made full use of the power of fame. As an example, Tiger woods earns hundreds of millions from his contracts with Nike, Gillette and Accenture.  Similar statements can … Continue reading

And the winner is …

IP Australia. While on the subject of Patent / IP offices,  I should commend IP Australia for having a simple, user-friendly website that looks professional. Here, they definitely nailed it, and have my vote as the best IP office website in the world. Not as daunting, and bubbling with one piece of legislation or another … Continue reading

Spot the similarities

While reading through a recent court case here, (pastime activity for a keen canine mind), I noticed that the logo of the plaintiff is a little similar to the new logo of WIPO. A few months ago, it didn’t escape my attention that the logo of the new UK IPO was in a way similar … Continue reading

Wireless Toy

It seems the master was searching for relevant prior art for a wireless enabled Children’s toy which his newest client has just invented when he encountered  this: GB2426409.  The note on the abstract reads: A sex toy linkable to a mobile telephone and adapted to respond to a signal received from the mobile telephone … … Continue reading

Favorite classical

[his diary this time] Someone recently asked me what my favorite piece of classical music is. Although I have a varied taste in this genre, on top of everything else that I listen to, there are two that have a special place in my heart, and that stand out. The first is Brahms Piano concerto … Continue reading

US to extend Green Technology Patent program

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is extending by a year its program that speeds up examination of pending Patent applications for eco-friendly inventions. The program began a year ago and was scheduled to end on Dec. 8. It has accepted 790 petitions for the accelerated review, issuing 79 patents since it began. Looking at … Continue reading

Facebook on the offensive

I said it didn’t I. Right here. It was only a matter of time before the young Billionaire would succumb to the corporate language of Patents. These guys just happened to be the one’s to get the ball rolling. So, this is what could possibly happen. These guys will battle it out all the way … Continue reading

Silicon Roundabout

There is almost nothing aesthetically pleasing about Santa Clara Valley. Viewed from afar, I think  its rather ugly, and if you look  imaginatively enough, you can almost see ancient dessert lands that at some point along the time-line of continental transformation, miraculously morphed into a semi-arid region, as if by divine decree. So, I can’t … Continue reading